"Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Others make it happen."  -Michael Jordan

Skeptical? Good. Here's some proof:

Sean here. After more than 9 years, and 40,000+ members - we've figured a few things out. 

This is not based on guesswork - but carefully mapped blueprints for producing predictable results no matter who you are.

So in 2022 - I set out across the USA to show the world just how powerful and potent this tribe of ruthless ass-kickers really is with a full-length documentary.

Now a year later...

Below are only a handful of what are 100's of true stories of people who've created the bad-ass life they set out to make. What you're about to see is but a tiny glimpse.

Real people. Real families. Real money. Real transformation. Real results.

This is not hype. Or fluff. Watch each chapter below, and discover for yourself that The Lion's Den is unmatched in its ability to help you get more of everything you're after.

Enjoy the chapters below, my friend. See you on the inside.


The Dramatic Origins of the Man Behind The Movement

In the heat of the COVID pandemic... Business Mastery transformed Todd's business
  • Increased profitability 700%
  • ​Added to the Inc. 5000 growth list
  • ​Keeping everyone's job SAFE and secured (even in a pandemic)


A Powerful Partnership 

Two of my favorite people - and the people considered the OG's of the Lions Den - are Nate and Jennifer Solomon. Nate had a full-time job, decided to quit when he joined the Den, and now the two run multiple successful businesses.
  • Location: Idaho
  • Go inside a power couple building a big life without burning out or sacrificing their children's lives
  • ​Their approach to co-creating together in balance & harmony, rather than chaos


"I thought Sean was an asshole"

Kyle Beck was a dude working full-time totally unfulfilled and not showing up fully as a provider. He joined the den, started a new business, and now runs a 7-figure operation. What he's pulled off is incredible... you have to watch his story.
  • Location: Arizona
  • Get a look into how he not only quit his job, but built a business that gives him the free time to do anything he wants with his family
  • ​​The truth behind what Kyle's wife had to say about him being in the den and being around my crazy ass (Yes, Sean still here typing)


An Unforgettable Moment of Redemption, LIVE

I was pissed with this guy... This moment will go down in history for everyone who got to witness this live at the Lion's Den Live 2021 event. See -- in real time -- a man reconcile with his kids. 
  • Location: Lion's Den Live 2021
  • See the courage of a man living in guilt and shame for not connecting with his kid in years, make a different choice
  • ​See the exchange in real-time unfold in front of everyone... a must watch


Our Favorite Dancing Dr. Danita...

Success. It's what we stand for. It's our standard. And Dr. D is one of our coolest stories here. Why? Because she stands for everything we believe here in the den. Just watch and see.
  • ​Location: Virginia
  • Go inside the method and commitment of a single-mother who had the cards stacked against her, choose to simply do the work
  •  You'll also watch the style, personality, and straight dance-skills of Dr. D! Must watch


A candid conversation with my Daughter

My greatest joy in life is seeing my daughter grow into a powerful, wise, radically free woman. This is a snippet of a few moments we shared on stage, and in the name of honoring my family, I had to give you a glimpse into a conversation that had me simply shaking my head in loving disbelief.
  • My house, and Lion's Den Live
  • Meet my daughter, and hear her wisdom roar
  • Start to get why we are so committed to growing our family with everything else


My Final Message.

If you've watched every story... and you're still wondering if this is for you, this is your final message. But if you're still here... you know this is your home.
  • Location: My house
  •  ​Get a peak into my morning with my wife Sax
  • Hear a final message from me...